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How To Use Collagen

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Our Easy Guide To Taking Collagen

How To Take Collagen

Collagen is a sticky protein, but the powder should easily dissolve in liquid. You can mix collagen in

– Blender
– Protein Shaker
– Mug/Cup For Hot Drinks
– In Soup / hot Water
– When Baking
– Yoghurts

Why Does My Collagen Clump?

Collagen is a sticky protein so it will naturally “clump together”. Here are some easy ways to ensure that your collagen does not clump together.

– Shaker Bottle. Any standard protein shaker will work perfectly.
– Stirring. You can stir your collagen into your drink is stirred for long enough. Aim for around 60 seconds of stirring time, this is perfect for coffee or tea.
– Blend it. If you are making a smoothie or juice drink, then adding it to the ingredients and blending it will ensure it does not clump.

Ways We Recommend Using Collagen?


Water is a quick and easy way to consume your collagen simply add it to your shaker, shake it up and drink, like you would any protein-based shake. This is the easiest and fastest way to consume collagen for people on the go.


Collagen works perfectly with cups of coffee, simply add one scoop to your cup and stir well. Collagen will not change the taste of your coffee. Collagen will also work perfectly in different coffee types such as mochas, lattes or even a hot chocolate!

Milk / Cereal

If you prefer milk than water, then you can also mix your collagen in to your morning glass of milk / cereal. Ensure you stir your collagen into the bowl of milk prior to adding your cereal.


Like coffee collagen dissolves perfectly in tea without changing the taste. You can use it for any type of tea, herbal tea, or green tea. Collagen dissolves very well in warm water with a little stirring.

Protein Shake

If you are an avid gym goer and use protein shakes, then you can simply add a scoop of collagen powder to your shaker prior to mixing.


Collagen works perfectly with baking allowing you to add some extra healthiness to those sweet treats. Simply add 2-3 scoops to your cake mixture and you are good to go.


Collagen is a perfect addition to any smoothie, adding nutritional benefits without changing the taste. Add a single scoop to your fruit to green smoothie before blending.

Eggs / Omelettes

A personal favourite of ours is adding collagen to your morning eggs or omelette. Simply mix in 1 or two scoops while whisking your eggs together prior to cooking.


Collagen will mix into natural yoghurt if properly stirred. Your collagen won’t change the flavour or texture of your yoghurt if only using one scoop.


Like tea or coffee your collagen powder will dissolve very easily into your bowl of soup once properly stirred.


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